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We are changing the face of home care, keeping costs down, providing the best people available, and making care in the home manageable again.Wayne Irish, Founder

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Caregiver Membership

This site provides you as a caregiver the opportunity to work directly for a family needing care in their home. We encourage you to sign up and complete your profile as thoroughly as possible. The more accurate information you can fill in, the greater the possibility of being matched. Upload your criminal background check (CBC), all certifications, and your driver's license printout. There is also a schedule for you to complete to show your availability to better match with the needs of a family. Your profile must be complete before being matched with families needs. You will not be charged until you are matched and you approve the match request. Your profile will be presented to the client based on the percentage of how well you match the families needs. You will negotiate your fees for service with each family you are matched with.


Family Membership

This site provides families the opportunity to pay caregivers directly who will be providing care in the home. Families will put in their criteria and needs, along with their likes and dislikes, for services in their home. Your completed profile will be ran through our algorithm along with the caregivers profile. You will then be presented with a list of caregivers based on how well you match. You will have the opportunity to request a match with the caregiver(s) that best meets your needs. You also have the opportunity to message them prior to requesting a match. Your information will not be available to the caregivers until you request a match. The caregiver must approve the match prior to the family being charged or completing the match process. You will negotiate the fees to pay the caregiver after the match is completed.