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Caregiver Information

This site is designed to provide a way for caregivers to work more and at a rate that is more significant than they would if working for an agency. Our goal here is to create a win-win situation for caregiver and for the family they provide care for.

We recommend that you provide as much information as possible about your work history and your credentials, if you have any. We also recommend that you provide a DMV printout and a Criminal Background check. If you do not have either of those you can obtain them through the DMV and from any former employer. We will be providing you with resources soon to provide them through this site, in the future.

Your profile and first name and the initial of your last name will be provided to families as they look for matches for their care. Your profile will be rated against the needs of every family looking for a match. It will be rated against their requirements, and it will show them the percentage of your profile matches their needs. The Family may want to ask you some additional questions. Communication will be provided through the site.


If a family considers you a old match for them, they will request a match from you. We will notify you of the match. It will be your responsibility to accept the match. When you accept the match you will be prompted at that point to pay for the match as well. Once you have accepted and paid for the match, the family will be notified that you have accepted their request for a match. They also will have to accept the match at that point. Once they do then your card will be processed for payment.


When you are Matched, you are also authorizing homecarematched.com to release your full name and contact information to the family. This will then allow them to contact you directly and start the process for caring for them.

It is important to remember that you need to declare if you are an independent contractor or a domestic employee. Both have tax ramifications that you will need to investigate and determine what will be best for you and the family you are providing care for.

If you have any questions please Contact Us or you can call the toll free number 1-800-649-5515.