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User Agreement

Each user agrees to abide by and adhere to all the agreements found on this site. The use of this site is your acknowledgement that you have read, understand and agree to all of the agreements associated with this site. You further understand that this site is an informational site and the disclaimer of this site is in full force once you have used the site and remains in force after you discontinue your use of this site. This is not a subscription site for the service of being “Matched”. There may be from time to time on a permanent or interim basis services or products that Homecarematched.com might offer as a subscription. If you choose to use these services or products you understand that you will be paying on a designated time frame either monthly, semiannually or on an annual basis for these subscriptions. This will be at your sole discretion and will not affect your use for the “matched” service which is our core product and service provided on this site

  • Pay-to-Play Service:
    •  This is a “Pay-to-play” service. This means that you will not be charged a subscription fee. You will be charged; when there is a request for a match and you “authorize that Match”. You will be required to enter your payment information at that time. This will not be a reoccurring payment but only as you authorize based on a Match.
    • If you purchase any Services that we offer for a fee (the "Paid Services"), you authorize Homecarematched.com and our designated payment processors to store your payment information and other related information. You also agree to pay the applicable fees for the Paid Services (as set forth on the Services) as they become due plus all related taxes (including without limitation sales and use taxes, duties or other governmental taxes or fees), and to reimburse us for all collection costs and interest for any overdue amounts. All fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for any partially used Paid Services (including partially used subscription periods) except (i) as expressly set forth in this Agreement, (ii) as otherwise required by applicable law and (iii) at Homecarematched.com's sole and absolute discretion. Fees for the Paid Services may be payable in advance, in arrears, per usage or as otherwise described when you initially purchase the Paid Services. All prices for Paid Services are subject to change without notice (except as otherwise described in this Section).
    • Payment Method. Homecarematched.com may, from time to time, offer various payment methods, including without limitation payment by credit card, by debit card, by check, by certain mobile payment providers or by using PayPal. You authorize Homecarematched.com to charge you for Paid Services through any payment method(s) you select when purchasing the Paid Services (the "Payment Method") and you agree to make payment using such Payment Method(s) (we may, from time to time, receive and use updated payment method information provided by you or that financial institutions or payment processors may provide to us to update information related to your Payment Method(s), such as updated expiration dates or account numbers). Certain Payment Methods, such as credit cards and debit cards, may involve agreements between you and the financial institution, credit card issuer or other provider of your chosen Payment Methods (the "Payment Method Provider"). If we do not receive payment from your Payment Method Provider, you agree to directly pay all amounts due upon demand from us. Your non-termination or continued use of the Paid Services reaffirms that we are authorized to charge your Payment Method.

Homecarematched.com's Paid Services may also be purchased through your accounts with certain third parties, such as your Apple iTunes account, your Google Play account or your Amazon account (a “Third Party Account”). If you purchase any Paid Services through a Third Party Account, billing for these Paid Services will appear through your Third Party Account. You should review the Third Party Account’s terms and conditions, which we do not control.

  • Current Information Required. You agree to provide current, complete and accurate billing information and agree to promptly update all such information (such as changes in billing address, credit card number or credit card expiration date) as necessary for the processing of all payments that are due to Homecarematched.com. You agree to promptly notify Homecarematched.com if your Payment Method is canceled (for example, due to loss or theft) or if you become aware of a potential breach of security related to your Payment Method. If you fail to provide any of the foregoing information, you acknowledge that your current Payment Method may continue to be charged for Paid Services and you remain responsible for all such charges.
  • Change in Amount Authorized. If the total amount to be charged varies from the amount you authorized when purchasing any Paid Services (other than due to the imposition or change in the amount of taxes, including without limitation sales and use taxes, duties or other governmental taxes or fees), Homecarematched.com will provide notice of the amount to be charged. If you do not cancel your Paid Services before the increased price goes into effect, you agree to pay the increased price for the Paid Services. Homecarematched.com will inform you of any additional charges that are accumulated.
  • Incorrect Payments and Errors. In the event that you submit to us a payment for Paid Services that does not match the price for the Paid Services you selected, Homecarematched.com shall have the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to (1) return or refund all or some of the amount of your payment, (2) apply all or some of your payment amount to other similar Paid Services that have a purchase price less than the amount of your payment, (3) apply all or some of the amount of your payment to the purchase of our virtual currency or (4) apply your payment in any combination of the foregoing ways.

Homecarematched.com reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes even if it has already requested or received payment.